Key Glock 'No Hook' Music Video Outfits

Key Glock 'No Hook' music video first outfit: Celine White Rectangular Flat-Top 'Monochroms 02' Sunglasses, and a Marni Navy Blue Light Blue Green and White Wavy Striped Crochet Knit Hoodie.

Key Glock 'No Hook' music video second outfit: RHUDE Black and Orange Rectangular Sunglasses, Chrome Hearts Black with Yellow and Pink 'Sex Records' Print Crewneck Knit Sweater, Patek Philippe Rose Gold and Brown Dial 'Nautilus' Watch, Chrome Hearts x Deadly Doll White Zip-Off Comic and Pink Cross Print Pants, and Jordan 1 Low Black Embroidered Canvas Black Embossed Leather Bright Pink Leather and White Leather Mis-Matching 'Chinese New Year' Sneakers.

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