Louis Vuitton Multicolor 'LV Archives' Socks Set

The Louis Vuitton 'LV Archives' Sock Set worn by Gunna in the 'What Happened To Virgil' music video (light green floral damer) include six pairs of cotton knit midcalf socks featuring: a black, rainbow, and white-LV pair; multicolor patchwork country flags pair; light blue damier, and floral jacquard pair; blue, and white clouds jacquard pair; black/white damier, and orange cartoon dog pair; and a green, with a white 'Everyday LV' logo pair; & all encased in a transparent box with allover white monogram print.

Louis Vuitton Lv Archives Socks
Louis Vuitton Archives Multicolor Multistyle Socks Set
Louis Vuitton Mp3137
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