Lanvin Blue & Burgundy-Lace 'Curb' Sneakers

These Lanvin Low-Top 'Curb' Sneakers worn by Kid Cudi feature a dark grey mesh upper with wavy teal/blue leather overlays across the upper sides; teal/blue suede overlays on the lower sides, top toe, and around the heel; white grooved rubber around the toe, and heel; chunky/wide red, and burgundy zig-zag lace front closure; dark grey neoprene tongue; & a beige/gum rubber sole.

Lavin Blue And Red Lace Oversized Curb Skate Sneakers
Lanvin Blue Grey And Burgundy Zigzag Lace Curb Skate Sneakers
Lanvin Teal Suede And Grey Mesh Curb Sneakers
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